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Succulent foliage with the brightest of orange flowers from spring onwards. Perennial needing some winter protection.

Available in 2 litre pots £8.50. PLANT CODE: LAMP-O

This is a fantastic perennial pea. Grows 18 to 24" high. It is very long lived. Grows in sun or part shade. Unusual coppery-orange flowers in early summer.

Available now in 9cm pots £5. PLANT CODE: LATH-AUR

I would not be without this wonderful pea in my garden.It is a truely old-fashioned cottage garden plant. Flowers are pink and purple and appear in profusion in early summer. (Not scented).

Available now in 1 litre pots £6 and 3 litre pots £10. PLANT CODE: LATH-GRAN

Lemon verbena is a wonderful plant which I have been growing for many years - in large terracottas pots and overwintering in a cold greenhouse. More recently I have planted large specimens out in sheltered sites in the garden and they have survived. Just note that even in the greenhouse they die back to their stems and it is often late April before the leaves start to shoot.

Slender, lemon-scented, bright green leaves clothe upright stems, while delicate clusters of pale lilac to white flowers offer late summer colour. In frost free areas lemon verbena is an ideal specimen for the front of a sunny border. Plant it next to paths and entrances where the refreshingly scented foliage, which is useful for herb tea and pot pourri, can be fully appreciated.

Available now 1 litre pots £6. PLANT CODE: LEM-VER

Available now in 1 litre pots £6. PLANT CODE: LYS-MIN

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